Lekcja 41

Temat: Revision of Unit 4.

Warm up – Word Auction
worksheets: TBEFPI 4a Housework p. 253 + p.254
Worksheets – all this Grammar, ed and ing:
PPP: At the Pharmacy
Homework for Wednesday:

  • quick test 4 English File pre-intermediate: Vocabulary a,b,c
  • grammar worksheet: Present Perfect:

  • vocabulary unit 5A (again)

Lekcja 40

Temat: Revision (module 4).

for/since worksheets (filling the gaps; speaking)
SBp. 132-133 unit 4C theory and ex.4C:a
SBp. 35 Can you understand these people (film)
quick test 4 grammar
Homework for Monday:

  • revise for a TEST, especially:

A) VOCABULARY SBp. 154 Housework; 155 Shopping; SBp. 33 adjectives ending –ed and –ing
B) Present Perfect

  • WB p.28 ex.1
  • worksheet: crossword-irregular verbs
  • optional (dla chętnych): worksheet 4C grammar something etc.

Lekcja 39

Temat: Time expressions; how fast is your life; -ed vs. -ing.

Warmer: SS ask questions of each other using revision words
Checked homework
-ed vs. -ing vocabulary and speaking activity:
SB p. 36 ex.1 (all)
Homework for Wednesday:

  • vocabulary unit 5A part 1
  • WB p. 31 ex.4,5

Lekcja 38

Temat: St Patrick’s Day.

PPP St Patrick’s Day (STR3)-films, quiz, discussion
Homework for Monday:

  • vocabulary 4C part 2 and extra vocabulary (optional) from the lesson: substance, dye, expel, 5th century, pot of gold, saint,get by, overdose,shamrock,
  • worksheet ST PAtrick’s Day ex.1,2,3 (crossword):

Lekcja 37

Temat: Art/ present perfect.

Warm up: film+ discussion :
SB p. 33 ex.5,6
SB p. 34 Vocabulary
PPP Favourites -discussion
Speaking present perfect past simple- Communicative 12 B
PPP Describing paintings
10 most expensive paints in the world, what would you pay ?
art: discussion ( esl topics)
Homework for Wednesday:

  • vocabulary unit 4C part 1
  • WB p. 28 ex.2; p. 29 ex.4

Lekcja 36

Temat: Lost weekend.

SB p. 32-33 ex.1,4
present perfect worksheets: rules; time expressions: since, for etc.=revision
Homework for Monday:

  • revise for the test on present perfect (use worksheets, notes, DVD)
  • worksheet “Zastosowanie” ex.1,3 (write questions and answers), ex.4
  • do the “Castle on the hill” worksheet

Lekcja 35

Temat: Buy Nothing day.

check homework
Speaking: worksheet: BUY NOTHING DAY (macmillan gimnazjum)
SB p. 29 ex.5 (listening + conversation)
Homework for Wednesday:

  • vocabulary 4B part 2
  • WB p. 25 ex.4

Lekcja 34

Temat: Present Perfect part 2:).

warm up -speaking bingo (present perfect)
SBp. 132 theory: unit 4B; p. 133 ex. 4A:a, 4B;b,c
worksheet Past Simple vs present perfect (auction game ex.2)
speaking: Have you ever (TBEFP 4B communicative)
Homework for Monday:

  • finish the worksheet Past Simple vs present perfect ex.1,3,4:

  • vocabulary unit 4A (all)
  • WB p. 27 ex.2

Lekcja 33

Temat: Shopping.

checked homework
warmer: SS do gap-fill using revision words – other students guess
SB p.31 ex.3,4 (including vocabulary bank)
Presentation: PPP Shopping
role-plays by students of shopping
Homework for Wednesday:

  • vocabulary 4B part 1
  • WB p.26 ex.1, p. 27 ex.4

Lekcja 32

Temat: Present Perfect: yet, already, just; use.

SBp.132 unit 4A (theory)
SBp. 29 ex3f; ex.4d Has he done it yet? (p.101)
worksheet present perfect TBEFE12A Have you done it? -speaking
worksheet When do we USE the Present Perfect tense?:
a) finished actions: ex.1 ex1-5)
b) present perfect news: ex.1,2
c) present perfect and past simple: news and details (only theory)
d) up to now ex.1
Homework for Monday:

  • irregular verbs part 2
  • WBp. 24 ex.2
  • worksheet: Present Perfect: up to now ex.2 and present perfect news ex.3,4

Lekcja 31

Temat: Household Chores/ At the airport.

Warm Up (Can you explain the word: TB EFPI  3C communicative )
check Homework
SB p.28 ex 2
SB p. 154 ex 1 and 2
PPP : At the airport
Homework for Wednesday:

  • vocabulary unit 4A part 1
  • SB p. 30 ex.1
  • WB p. 24 ex.1

Lekcja 30

Temat: Present Perfect. Dates/ordinal numbers.

What’s date is it? -speaking activity (dates/ordinal numbers)
Present Perfect SBp. 132-133 4A, ex.4A:a
SBp. 28 ex.1,3a
game present perfect
Homework for Monday:

  • vocabulary: irregular verbs part 1 (3 formy)
  • SB p.28 ex.3b
  • WB p. 25 ex.5

Lekcja 29

Temat: What’s the Word?

warmer: ss take seven revision words/phrases and create dialogue from them
(and act out the dialogues)
checked homework
SB p.24 unit 3C ex.1; 2 a and b; 3
Homework for Wednesday:

  • vocabulary 3c pt.1
  • WB p. 21 ex 1,2;p. 22 ex. 5

Lekcja 28

Temat: Restaurant Problems.

-Warm up: taboo game
-Dictation (Unit 3B part 1)
-Homework check (WB p. 17 ex.1 and p.18 ex. 4)
-Practical English: Restaurant Problems (SB p.26-27)
Homework for Monday:

  • vocabulary: Practical English: Restaurant Problems
  • WBp. 23 (all)
  • optional: listen to the audiobook: The Client (30-60 mins):

Lekcja 27

Temat: Prepositions/ Air travel.

Warm up – Sentence Auction
SB p. 23 ex. 4 (including Vocabulary Bank: prepositions part 2)
worksheet: TBEFile 3B vocabulary: prepositions
SB p. 23 ex. 5 writing emails; and p. 113 An informal email ex.a,b
worksheet: Winter questions (Macmillan)
Homework for Wednesday/zadanie domowe na środę:

  • vocabulary unit 3B part 2
  • WB p. 19 ex.2, p. 20 ex.5
  • optional: write an informal email SB p. 113 ex.3c,3d

Lekcja 26

Temat: Be going to/ gonna.

warm up-associations (airport)
SBp. 21 ex.3a,3b,3c (including Grammar Bank p. 131 unit 3A:a,b); ex.4 a,b,c
film: gonna
be going to (for predictions: Access2 module 10b)
SBp. 22 ex.1a,1b,1c,1d
Homework for Monday:

  • vocabulary unit 3B part 1
  • practise with Memerise „be going to” unit 3A grammar
  • WBp. 17 ex.1, p. 18 ex.4
  • optional: listen to the audiobook: The Client (30 mins)

Lekcja 25

Temat: At the Airport.

WARM UP – revise vocabulary (each student should make a story from Vocab in 2c)
SB p. 20 unit 3A (airport; flights ect) ex.1,2
worksheet: (Esl topics): airport: Vocabulary building worksheet
worksheet: (Esl topics) airport: Listening airport worksheet (page 1 )
worksheet: (Esl topics): airport: spelling / questions
Homework for Wednesday/zadanie domowe na środę (30 stycznia):

  • vocabulary unit 3A
  • WB p.17 ex.2; p. 18 ex.5

Lekcja 24

Temat: Revision -module 2; test module 2.

warm up-PPP Who wants to win millions? revision
worksheet (file test module 2) ex.3,4,5,6
test module 2
Homework for Monday (28th January):

  • vocabulary unit 3a
  • worksheet: test 2 ex/1.2

Lekcja 23

Temat: Winter; After New Year.

Checked homework
q and a revision of some words
Presentation: PPP “After New Year”
SB p. 18 Vocabulary
SBp. 19 Film: Can you understand these people
speaking activity:
Homework for Wednesday:

  • revise vocabulary module 2C using a DVD attached to your SB’s book
  • WB p. 15 ex.2; p. 16 ex.5

Lekcja 22

Temat: Christmas time.

Warm Up: (Word Association)
Check Homework
PPP Christmas (PPPEFPI units 1-6)
Speaking Time ( Christmas related)
Homework for Wednesday (2nd January):

  • vocabulary Christmas part 1
  • WB p. 15 ex.1b,1c

Lekcja 21

Temat: Christmas.

PPP Christmas (Starland 3)-discussion, films etc
Christmas song: Last Christmas, fill in the gaps, translation etc
Homework for Monday (7th January):

  • VOCABULARY Christmas part 1 (use memrise: wyszukaj: hello Bydgoszcz Christmas )
  • SB p. 129 unit 2C;a,b
  • optional: watch, listen and sing along: Last Christmas song (see the lesson plan above)

Lekcja 20

Temat: One dark October evening.

SBp. 16-17 unit 2C EX 1A-D, 3,4
Homework for Wednesday:

  • vocabulary 2C part 1
  • WB p.15 ex.1a; p. 16 ex. 4

Lekcja 19

Temat: Connecters: but, so, although, because.

Past Continuous-worksheet theory
Past Continous game
SBp. 128 Grammar Bank unit 2C: connectors: but, so, because, althought;
worksheet TBEFP 2C communicative p. 214
SBp. 15 ex.6
Homework for Monday:

  • worksheet 2B grammar Past Continuous p. 166 (na odwrocie karty: so, because, but)

  • -practise Past Continuouse with memrise (after unit 2B)
  • play the online game Past Continuous again (see the lesson above)-sugeruję pytania za 100-400 punktów nie więcej:)
  • vocabulary unit 2C part 1

Lekcja 18

Temat: Past Continuous.

Warm up – use the word in a sentence, and guess the word on the board
SB p. 15 ex. 5a,5b,5c,5d,5e,
SB p. 15 ex. 6a
Worksheet/karta pracy:
Film online:
Homework for Wednesday:

  • vocabulary unit 2B part 2
  • WB p. 14 ex.4
  • SBp. 129 ex. 2B:a

Lekcja 17

Temat: Test: Past Simple. Past Continuous.

test-past simple
BBC Grammar gameshow Prepositions
worksheet 2B prepositions (revision)
SBp.128-129 Past Continuous: theory and ex. 2B:b
worksheet TBEFP 2B prepositions
Homework for Monday:

  • vocabulary unit 2B part 2
  • practise Past Continuouse with memrise (after unit 2B)
  • WBp. 13 ex.1
  • optional: watch Alf (episode 5)
  • Prosimy o wypełnienie ankiet:)

Lekcja 16

Temat: Past tense and describing photos.

Warm up – revision of vocab
worksheet: TBEFELEMEN 8A communicative p.229
SB p. 14 ex.1a,b,c,d
PPP: Describing photos
Homework for Wednesday:

  • vocabulary unit 2B part 1
  • WBp.14 ex.2a,2b

Lekcja 15

Temat: Past Simple =revision. Prepositions.

quick test past simple TBEFE worksheet
SBp.14 ex,3a,3b,3c,3d
SB p. 153 Vocabulary Bank: Prepositions part 1
speaking worksheet (Guess how many people..)-past simple
Homework for Monday:

  • vocabulary –irregular verbs part 2
  • revise for a Test (past simple)-use DVD
  • worksheet 2A grammar past simple p. 165

  • prosimy o wypełnienie ankiet

Lekcja 14

Temat: Holidays/ The weekend and the past.

checked homework
Warmer: vocabulary revision 2T one F statements using revision words
SB p. 13 ex. 6 a,b,c.
SS mime their last weekend to each other; other student guesses
Presentation: PPP: The weekend and the past p. 1 and 2
Homework for Wednesday:

  • Irregular verbs part 1
  • WB p. 11-12 ex 2a,b,c,d; ex. 4

Lekcja 13

Temat: Past Simple.

-to be (was/were) -theory and speaking activity Were you sad yesterday? (matching pairs)
-can (could) ability ESL Worksheet grammar quiz
SBp. 13 ex.4a,4c; p. 128 Grammar Bank unit 2A theory p. 129 ex. 2A:a
online past simple picture game: Guess ….
Homework for Monday:

  • worksheet TBEFE p.181 grammar past simple regular verbs
  • vocabulary: irregular verbs part 1 (only: robić-do-did; without past participle: done/bez ostaniej formy). jest specjalny kurs w memrise do nauki czasowników nieregularnych wyszukasz go wpisując: hello bydgoszcz irregular verbs; lista czasowników nieregularnych jest też na początku skryptu
  • watch the film (past simple time markers), do the quiz below

  • optional: watch Alf (episode 4)
  • practise pronunciation: they’re; weren’t, aren’t wpisz do wyszukiwarki słownika)

Lekcja 12

Temat: Hotels.

warm-up : SS choose 6 to 7 revision words and create story about a holiday from it.
checked homework
worksheet TBEFpre 2A vocbuary Holidays
worksheet from hotels: Quick and Useful Phrases
SS role play hotel guests and receptionists using quick and useful phrases
worksheet from allthings. com: Topic Discussion: hotels
Ss discuss hotels.
Homework for Wednesday:

  • vocabulary unit 2A part 2
  • Watch the film, write down 7-10 holiday words/expressions and do the quiz below

  • use the DVD to revise vocabulary unit 2A

Lekcja 11

Temat: Holidays.

Warm up Revision of vocabulary
Discussion about films
SB p. 12 ex.1-3
HOLIDAYS Discussion
Homework for Wednesday:

  • vocabulary unit 2A part 1
  • WBp. 11 ex.1 a,1b

Lekcja 10

Temat: Revision: unit 1.

Present Simple vs Present Continuous
SB p. 126 ex. 1C:b (unit 1C)
speaking time: TBEFPI 1c communicative (PC)
speaking time: PPP 1B routines (PS)
crossword (MPTI unit 5g)-vocabulary revision: describing people
TBEFP 1C grammar PS vs PC
Homework for Monday:

  • vocabulary Practical English: Hotel Problems
  • WB p.10 (all)
  • optional –watch Alf (episode 3)

Lekcja 9

Temat: Practical English: Hotel Problems.

warm up -worksheet TBEFP 1C vocabulary clothes (Can you think of…)
SBp. 10-11 (all)
Homework for Monday:

  • optional: vocabulary Practical English
  • optional: watch The Hotel problems again (use your DVD), revise phrases

Lekcja 8

Temat: Appearance and Personality.

Checked homework
SBp. 8 ex. 1a,1b (vocabulary bank: clothes)
Presentation: PPP: Appearance and Personality
game: identify the student
SS answer questons and discuss appearance
SBp. 8 ex.1 a and b
Vocabulary Bank Things you Wear p.151
SB p. 9 ex. 5 a and b (vocabulary) prepositions of place.
Homework for Wednesday(7 listopada):

  • Vocabulary unit 1C part 2
  • Watch a film or series in English
  • WBp. 8 ex.1a,1b

Lekcja 7

Temat: The Present Continuous Tense.

warm up-worksheet TBEFP 1B vocabulary Describing people.
homework checked
SBp. 8 ex.3a,3b,3c p. 126 theory and 127 unit 1C ex.a
SBp. 8 ex.4a,4b (listening)
Homework for Monday:

  • practise the Present Continuous Tense with memrise (see unt 1B)
  • vocabulary unit 1C part 1
  • WB p.9 ex.2a; 4
  • watch Alf (first episode)

Lekcja 6

Temat: Present Simple.

Warm up- Revision
SB p. 6-7 Charlotte’s story 3d,e,f 4 a-d
Worksheets: Routine: boardgame, questions (esl topics)
Homework for Wednesday:

  • WB p. 6 ex.2; p. 7 ex.5
  • vocabulary unit 1B part 2

Lekcja 5

Temat: Guess my job (present simple revision).

SB p. 126-127 unit 1B theory and exercises: 1B: a (1-5), 1B:b (1-5)
Guess my job-laminated worksheets (present simple, vocabulary: jobs)
adverbs of frequency-(speaking using laminated adverbs of frequency)
speaking: “Find someone who…” worksheet (present simple)
Homework for Monday:

  • vocabulary 1B part 2
  • practise with your DVD (attached to the SB) vocabulary unit 1B
  • WB p. 5 ex.5
  • watch the film, do the quiz below

Lekcja 4

Temat: Describing People.

warm up-revise vocabulary 6 or 7 words from list: make a story/paragraph from it.
checked homework
worksheet: TBEFPI: 1B p 210 Communicative: SS mingle activity.
SB p. ex.1 (inculding Vocabulary Bank p.151)
Homework for Wednesday:

  • vocabulary unit 1B part 1
  • SB p. 6 ex.2a,2b,2c,2d

Lekcja 3

Temat: Present Simple.

discussion on “How to become fluent in English” film.
SBp. 5 ex.4c, d,e (numbers); p. 5 ex.3a,3b, 3c
PPP Present Simple -(rules and examples)
Present Simple-laminated rules and examples -revision
dictation-phone numbers
BBC pronunciation tips
Homework for Monday:

  • vocabulary 1B part 1
  • watch the film, do the quiz below

  • WB p. 4 ex.2,3 (użyj CD koniecznie:), p. 6 ex.1(a,b,c)

EXTRA HOMEWORK/dla chętnych:)
finish writing phone numbers (Dictation Phone Numbers), listen and check (you can download the key)-karta parcy, nagranie i odpowiedzi znajdują się tu:
-practise “a:”, “i:” and “i” sounds
practise the English Alphabet poćwicz angielski alphabet (Listening for names: video)

Lekcja 2

Temat: Breaking the ice.

-warm up game two truths and lie
-PPP: Breaking the Ice
-speaking worksheeet free time activities
-topic emotions: worksheet
-worksheet: Emotions vocabulary Building
Homework for Wednesday/zadanie domowe na środę:

  • vocabulary 1A part 1
  • Workbook p. 5 ex. 4
  • watch the short film: “How to talk about yourself”, do the quiz bellow the film and prepare for talking about yourself:) (don’t write anything, practice by speaking out loud or recording yourself:)

Lekcja 1

Temat: Breaking the ice/Poznajemy się:)

warm up-tell me sth about yourself
game: Name four things-vocabulary and grammar revisions
SB p. 5 ex.2a; 4a,4b
hangman: clothes (Ubeginner game 6)-the English alphabet
Homework for Monday:

  • vocabulary unit 1A (ucz się z memrise lub słuchając nagrań)
  • WB p.4 ex.1a,1b
  • watch the short film : „How to become fluent in English”? and write down 8 clues/suggestions

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