ROK SZKOLNY 2018/2019

Lekcja 29

Temat: Revision; holidays.

Using the coursebook 1: Fictional identity:
SS pretend to be one of the people in the pictures of the coursebook. Other ss ask them questions.
Coursebook 2: Find someone angry; something ugly, and so forth
Allthings. com worksheet : A-Z Summer Holidays
Topics Discussion:The Beach
Presentation: PPP: At the Hotel
SS practise booking, etc.

Lekcja 28

Temat: In the Picture; Prepositions.

Revision of vocabulary
Round Midnight- film. Discussion of lyrics.
Presentation: Showing of Danny’s own film.
SBp. 28 ex.2 Pronunciation word stress
ex. 3 Listening and Speaking
p.29 exs.3c-f
p. 30 Grammar: Prepostions ex.5 a, b and d ex.c p.137 Grammar Bank 3B
p.31ex. a and b

Lekcja 27

Temat: Photography.

revision of vocab
checked homework
SB p. 27 ex. 67 Speaking and writing
p. 28 rex.1 a-c
d vocabulary bank p. 155
ex.2d p. 107/ 108 Spot the Differences
Homework for Friday:

  • workbook p.14 (all)

Lekcja 26

Temat: Revision: Rules for the Younger generation.

Gave back tests
Worksheet Review:National Geographic U 12 Grammar, Vocabulary Real Life
SB : P.27. Ex 5: Reading and Speaking (all)
Homework for Friday:

  • WB p. 14 (all)

Lekcja 25

Temat: Stages of Life.

Test units 1 and 2
SB p.25 ex 2.f (speaking) p.26 ex. 3 Stages Of Life

  • WB p.13(all)
  • vocabulary 3A pt. 2

Lekcja 24

Temat: Past Simple, Past Continuous and Used to.

Warmer; Checking the Nature exercise
further disucssion of project
SBp. 23: Can you Understand These People?
Can You Say this in English?
SB p. 24ex.1 (all) Grammar (Past simple, Past Continuous or used to) and p.136 Grammar Bank
p.25ex.2 a-f Pronunciation and Speaking

  • More revision for test next time


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