Teleplan conversation class

Lekcja 30

Temat: Summer Holidays:The Beach.

Two films by Danny on the same theme (The Beach): SS compare
allthings. com worksheet: The Beach: Topic discussion
Presentation:Films and TV (p.1-5)

Lekcja 29

Temat: Caffeine.

revision of vocabulary: ss describe words to each other, other students guess the word.
Presentation: PPP Caffeine (by Rob)
SS discusss caffeine and their coffee/tea/ chocolate etc. habits
Homework for Monday:

  • carry on revising new words from previous lessons.

Lekcja 28

Temat: Driving.

discussion about driving

  • revise vocabulary from the last three lessons

Lekcja 27

Temat: Speed Dating/ Pre Arranged Marriage . Problems and advice.

Presentation: Speed Dating and Arranged Marriage
discussion of these
Presentation: Problems and Advice
Homework for Monday:

  • continue revising all vocabulary

Lekcja 26

Temat: Restaurants.

PPP: Restaurants
discussion about restaurants
Homework for Monday:

  • revise all vocabulary up to now for revision activities next week

Lekcja 25

Temat: Reasons to be Famous; Tips.

Warmer: Reasons to Be Famous: Activity from New Inside Out Resources
Reading and Speaking fr. p.56-57 EFI Plus ‘Brilliant uses for everyday things
SS discuss tips.
Homework for Monday:

  • revise vocabulary brought up in last three lessons

Lekcja 24

Temat: Gossip.

Presentation: Gossip
discussion about gossip
picture discussion activity

Lekcja 23

Temat: School Days.

Discussion about possible project
CC: 31: School Days worksheet and discussion

Lekcja 22

Temat: Bus Travel; Easter. Bus travel Spot the Difference activity
Topics worksheet: Bus Travel discussion
Discussion about Easter
Homework for Monday:

  • vocabulary: Older and Wiser

Lekcja 21

Temat: Time and Dates; Easter.

Warmer: SS associate revision words from 2B and elsewhere with colours topics and discussion: Time and Dates
worksheet: Easter double puzzle
Questions about Easter and discussion
Homework for Monday (29.04):

  • continue looking at vocab 2B

Lekcja 20

Temat: Camping; Places and Buildings.

allthings. com worksheet Topics Discussion: Camping
PPPTFM: Places and Buildings
Homework for Monday:

  • Vocabulary 2B

Lekcja 19

Temat: Taxis; Apartments and Houses.

allthings .com worksheet: Topics Discussion: taxis
worksheet 2: Apartments and Houses
Homework for Monday:

  • vocabulary 2B

Lekcja 18

Temat: Test. Taxis. Leisure Activities.

Test: Illness and Treatment/Air Travel/ Clothes and Fashion
allthings. com Topics and Discussion: Taxis and Leisure activities
Homework for Monday:

  • Start looking at  vocabulary 2B  Older and Wiser

Lekcja 17

Temat: Places Around Town.

Revision of vocabulary: Five Favourite words activity
Presentation: Lead-in/ Warmer: Danny’s own video on Myshlenchinek
SS discuss it
Allthings. com Topics Discussion : Places Around Town
SS discuss
Homework for Monday:

  • continue revising all words from lists so far (Medical – Shopping and Fashion- Air Travel)  for test

Lekcja 16

Temat: Air Travel: You tube.

revision role plays using words from air travel (smuggler vs. Customs)
allthings. com airports and air travel worksheet: complete the sentences
Useful Phrases: SS practise these with further role plays
allthings. com worksheet topic and discussion: YouTube
ss discuss you tube.
Homework for Monday:

  • revise all vocabulary so far for test on Monday

Lekcja 15

Temat: Shopping (and Fashion).

revision warmer of shopping vocabulary: ss create story from 8 revision words
Presentation: PPP: Danny’s film Food and Wine festival byd
SS discuss
allthings. com worksheet: topics- discussion Shopping
Homework for Monday:

  • vocabulary air travel 2B

Lekcja 14

Temat: The Internet.

Warmer: words I like/don’t like revision activity of vocabulary
CCC woksheet no. 23:The Internet
discussion about the internet

  • vocabulary Shopping and Fashion pt. 1

Lekcja 13

Temat: Business and Jobs.

Warmer: Gap-fill activity with revision words from Health
worksheets from 50CC; Business (7) and Jobs (14)
SS discuss these things
Homework for Monday:

  • vocabulary from two worksheets (business and Jobs) and anything else that came up.

Lekcja 12

Temat: Health and Medicine.

Warmer: SS create dialogue from 7 (revision) words of their list (call the doctor p. 1,2)
Allthings. com Worksheet Topicsand Discussion: Health and Medicine
A-Z of medical words
Presentation: PPP: Health (Rob)
Homework for Monday:

  • vocabulary list: You’re the doctor p. 1,2

Lekcja 11

Temat: Business: Taking Risks.

worksheet: Allthings .com Topics discussion: Business
Presentation PPP Taking Risks
SS discuss taking risks
Homework for Monday:

  • vocabulary  2A Call the Doctor 1 and 2

Lekcja 10

Temat: Annoyances and Happiness.

vocab revision: 5 words (Categories connection, SS in teams)
CCC: Annoyances Worksheets
SS disucss things that annoy them
Happy Bydgoszcz:

SS recall all the people and places in the video and the appropriacy of the title to the video.
Presentation: PPP: Being Happy
SS discusss happiness

Lekcja 9

Temat: Personality.

Presentation 1: PPP: Danny’s own documentary video plus worksheet
Warmer: A-Z Dr. Jekyll Mr Hyde Personality activity.
Presentation 2:PPPFCE: Personality (p.1-4)

Lekcja 8

Temat: Dreams.

warmer: Revision of vocabulary Five Favourite Words
Presentation 1: Danny’s dream sequence video
SS interpet dream
Presentation 2: PPP: Talk for Minute: healthy Lifestyle

Lekcja 7

Temat: Crime; dreams.

Detectives activity. Random objects are clues in the murder!
SS have to reconstruct scenarios using those objects worksheet: Topics discussion: crime
Discussion about dreams

Lekcja 6

Temat: Christmas. Spot the Differences Christmas
Carol: Oh Come all ye Faithful
allthings. com:Topics Discussion: Santa Claus

Lekcja 5

Temat: Money; different kinds of intelligence.

Warmer: vocabulary revision: ss make up story from vocabulary that has emerged in the last lessons
worksheet: topics discussion: Money
Presentation: Different Kinds of Intelligence.

Lekcja 4

Temat: Business Questions, Dogs and Language, mobile phones and bugs.

Questions from a Business Speaking list:
- What is small talk?
- How does technology help people stay organized?
- Have you ever forgotten about an appointment?
- Have you ever cancelled a meeting?
- Are you often late? Do you know anyone who is often late?

worksheets and discussions from these videos

Lekcja 3

Temat: Local places; Food and Drink.

Presentation: PPP: Danny’s video: ‘local places’
discussion of this and other places to see in Western Poland worksheets: Food and Drink: Speaking Crossword
Food and Drink: Topics discussion

Lekcja 2

Temat: Holidays; Air Travel.

Presention: Teacher’s own video interviewing holdaymakers
SS discuss what they like doing on holiday
CCC worksheet: holidays: Ss ask and answer questions about their holidays worksheet: topics discussion Air Travel

  • Look at vocabulary that has come up in class for revision next time

Lekcja 1

Temat: Get To Know you. Art.

Warm up: Get-to-know you acitivities
Worksheets: Getting to know each other 16 and 17 from CCC (ESL Games
Topics Discussion: Art. worksheet from
Presentation; The Alnofini Marriage by van Eyck Painting: SS create dialogue from painting

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