Lekcja 46

Temat: Passive; Cooking.

Checked homework
revision/ Practise of passive voice
worskheets: Passive (Past ) Positives, Negatives, Questions
Find someone who…. (adapted for group) SS aske each other questions and further questions and other ss answer
WB: Vocabulary Bank 8 p. 76 In the kitchen
discussion on cooking
Homework for Monday:

  • vocabulary unit 8.1 part 2
  • write the recipe for your favourite meal

Lekcja 45

Temat: Test module 7. St Patrick’s Day.

St Patrick’s Day
Homework for Wednesday (27.03):

  • vocabulary unit 8.1 part 1
  • St Patrick’s Worksheet
  • WB p. 58 ex.1, p 61 ex.21

Lekcja 44

Temat: Describing Frequency; Eat well, Live Well.

Quick revision of vocabulary
Checked homework
Medical Unit 1.14 p.30-31
SB Eat Well Live Well p. 117 and video
conversation about animal and human eating
Homework for Monday:

  • medical worksheet 1.12
  • medical vocabulary 1.13-1.14 (use memrise app)

Lekcja 43

Temat: Revision-module 7.

SB: Self check p. 115 ex.1-8
speaking crossword-Movies and television
Homework for Wednesday:

  • revise for a test (module 7)
  • optional: watch the film “Client”
  • do the “Castle on the hill” song worksheet

Lekcja 42

Temat: Vocabulary Revision Module 7.

checked homework
quick vocabuary revision
SB p. 114
SB p. 139 Language review 7
PPP: Presentation: Danny’s film around Byd
discussion about events in and around Bydgoszcz
Homework for Monday:

  • vocabulary module 8 Eat well, live well
  • WB p. 56

Lekcja 41

Temat: Passive voice -revision. Around the world.

WBp. 55 ex.9,10
PPP (slides: 1-4) EFE Around the world-discussion
Homework for Wednesday:

  • WBp. 57 ex.5,6
  • WBp. 28 ex.7, p. 29 ex.10,11,12 (tył książki)
  • vocabulary unit 7. 6 (all)

Lekcja 40

Temat: Films,TV, Driving.

checked homework
quick vocabulary revision
SB p. 113 ex 8,9
WB p. 74 + discussion
all things. com worksheet: Topics and Discussion:Driving
Homework for Monday:

  • vocabulary unit 7.6 pt. 2
  • SB p.116 ex 9,10
  • optional (dla chętnych:) SB p.113 ex. 9: writing a review

Lekcja 39

Temat: The big screen.

SB p. 112 ex.1,2, film Terminator Genisys
Homework for Wednesday:

  • vocabulary unit 7.6 part 1
  • WB p. 52 ex.11,12; p. 53 ex.16,17; p 55 ex.6,7
  • watch sth in English or listen to the audiobook Client

Lekcja 38

Temat: Administering medication; shopping.

warmer: ss create gap-fill sentences from revision words. other sts guess.
checked homework
medical unit 1.13 p. 28 ex 2-4 p. 29 ex.6-7
allthings. com wordsearch worksheet: Shopping
Homework for Monday:

  • Medical worksheet 1.11
  • Vocabulary:

-Heart Rate
-Blood pressure
-acute lung disease
-saline solution
-fish oil
-three drops
-blood sugar levels
-administer (injection)

Lekcja 37

Temat: Shopping (unit 7.5).

SB p.110-11 ex.1,2,5,6,7,8
Homework for Wednesday:

  • SB p. 110 ex.3 and wath the film Shopping (and do the related video acivity)
  • worksheet (shopping)
  • proszę o wypełnienie i przyniesienie ankiet
  • WB p. 52 shopping ex 10; 14
  • optional-listen to the audiobook The Client (30-60 mis)

Lekcja 36

Temat: TV.

Checked homework
Quick revision of vocabulary
discussion on TV
Homework for Monday:

  • vocabulary unit 7.4 part 2
  • WB p. 51 ex.9; p. 57 ex.5,6

Lekcja 35

Temat: Winter.

winter PPP (slide 1-3)
Homework for Wednesday:

  • vocabulary unit 7.4 part 1
  • WBp. 53 ex.15,16,17
  • watch the film and answer the questions
How big is the hotel? What’s the temperature in the rooms? How many weddings will be there in this year?

Lekcja 34

Temat: Measurements. What’s on TV.

Checked homework
warmer: Q and A revision of words
medical book 1. 12 Measurements
SB p. 108 unit 7.4 what’s on TV ex. 1 only
discussion about TV
Homework for Monday:

  • medical worksheet 1.11
  • vocabulary unit 7.4 pt.1

Lekcja 33

Temat: Practical English: Wrong shoes.part 2.

warm up-categories (Blaze 2 unit 2 vocabulary revision)
SB EFpre-inter p. 42-43 (all)
Homework for Wednesday:

  • listen to the audiobook “The Client (30 mins)

  • worksheet: Practical English (all) p. 36
  • vocabulary Practical English: Wrong Shoes (pre-intermediate)
  • listen to the recording of Practical English: The wrong shoes: ex. 4 (Rob tdecides to do some exercise) and try to write it down:)
  • WBp. 53 ex.3

Lekcja 32

Temat: Fun Days Out.

Quick warmer: 5 words
SB p. 106-107
Presentation: video from SB
SS answer questions and discuss
Homework for Monday:

  • WB p.50 ex 1-5; p.51 ex.7,8
  • Vocabulary 7.3 FunDays out on Memrise for dictation and revision activity also vocabulary from Documentary (over winter break) for revision activity

Lekcja 31

Temat: Medical abbreviations pt. 2:. Birthdays; role-plays.

Medical p.25ex. 6,7,8 including nurse-nurse roleplay
CCC worksheet: Birthdays
SS discuss birthdays
SS do following role plays:
Parents and children: Teenage daughter wants an outrageous sum of pocket money from the parents
Teacher and students: Teacher talks to two badly-behaved teenage students. Students deny this.
Boyfriend-girlfriend: where to go out tonight: problem: third person, female friend of boyfriend wants to come too.
Homework for Wednesday (30th January):

  • listen to the recording of Practical English and try to write it down:)
  • WBp. 54 ex.1,2
  • optional: listen to the audiobook in English (pre-intermediate/intermediate level)
  • vocabulary: Practical English: he wrong shoes use Memrise: find: hello bydgoszcz pre-intermediate (after unit 5C: Practical English= The wrong shoes)

Lekcja 30

Temat: Documentary: medical abbreviations.

Checked homework
Presentation: Danny’s documentary video
plus worksheet.
Medical U11: medical abbreviations
Homework for Monday:

  • Medical worksheet 1.11
  • vocabulary 1.11

Lekcja 29

Temat: Introduction to documentary; marriage.

Presentation: Introduction to Danny’s own documentary video about life in Greece.
SS watch and listen and tell teacher what they’ve understood about it so far.
All things. com discussion topics worsheet: Marriage
SS discuss marriage

Lekcja 28

Temat: Music.

Checked homework
Warmer: Categories revision of vocabulary
SB p. 104-105 ex. 1-4 and 8 and 9
Presentation SB Video about landfill orchestra
Homework for Monday:

  • Medical worksheet 1.10
  • vocabulary 7.2

Lekcja 27

Temat: Relative pronouns (who, which, whose)

warm up- PPP Who wants to win millions? (revision: past Continuous, prepositions, vocabulary)
SBp. 102-103 ex. 5,6,7,8
Practical English: Wrong Shoes ex.1
Homework for Wednesday (30th January):

  • listen to the recording of Practical English and try to write it down:)
  • WBp. 54 ex.1,2
  • optional: listen to the audiobook in English (pre-intermediate/intermediate level)
  • vocabulary: Practical English: he wrong shoes use Memrise: find: hello bydgoszcz pre-intermediate (after unit 5C: Practical English= The wrong shoes)

Lekcja 26

Temat: First Aid; Tropical Festivals.

Medical Unit 10 p. 22-23 First Aid
SS role play using vocabulary learned
SB unit 7.1.ex. 1-4 plus SB video: Festivals
Discussion on their New Year
Homework for Monday:

  • medical vocabulary Unit 10
  • medical worksheet 9:


Lekcja 25

Temat: Entertainment.

warm up- PPP “After Christmas” (discussion on Christmas, New Year’s Resolutions)
SB p. 101 Entertainment (all + film)
Homework for Wednesday:

  • WBp. 50 ex.1
  • vocabulary unit 7.0 module page Entertainment
  • watch and listen to the film Entertainment in your SB’s p. 101 and write down what you hear (or part of it:)

Lekcja 24

Temat: Christmas.

Discussion on Christmas (PPP Starland 3)
Homework for Wednesday (2nd  January):

  • Christmas vocabulary part 1 (use Memerise: course: hello Bydgoszcz Christmas)
  • watch sth in English

Lekcja 23

Temat: Christmas.

No dictation
Checked homework the Differences Christmas
Carol: Oh Come all ye Faithful
Al things. com Topics Discussion: Santa Claus
Homework for Monday (7th January):

  • Christmas vocabulary pt. 1

Lekcja 22

Temat: Test: Module 6.

SB Language revision 6 p.138
Test module 6
Homework for Wednesday:

  • vocabulary Christmas Part 1 (use mermise: hello bydgoszcz Christmas)

Lekcja 21

Temat: Digestive system.

quick vocabulary revision
SB Medical p.20-21 (all)
Students do doctor patient role plays
worksheet: topics discussion : Money
Homework for Monday:

  • Medical vocabulary 1.9
  • Medical worksheet 1.10

Lekcja 20

Temat: Revision: module 6.

SBp. 99 Self Check (all)
Homework for Wednesday:

  • revise for the test: module 6 (szczególnie teoria “gerund” w Workbook str. 22 i ćwiczenia z ebookiem ze str 23 oraz SB Slef Check unit 6)
  • SBp. 138 Language review unit 6

Lekcja 19

Temat: Customs in different countries.

quick vocab revision
Checked homework
SB p.96-97-all video from the SB
disucssion about customs in different countries
Homework for Monday:

  • vocabulary unit 6.6 part 1
  • WB p. 45 (all)

Lekcja 18

Temat: Emotions. Modal verbs (possibility).

SB p. 94 ex.7
speaking: emotions ESL (fill in the gaps, Happy Chart etc)
Homework for Wednesday:

  • SBp. 94 ex.8
  • vocabulary unit 6.6 part 1
  • WBp. 44 ex12,14,15,16
  • watch sth in English

Lekcja 17

Temat: Circulatory system. Food and Drink.

Checked homework
Medical Book U8 p. 18 and 19 Vocab, Listening and Speaking
allthings. com worksheet: Discussion Topics: Food and Drink
Homework for  Monday/zadanie domowe na poniedziałek:

  • Vocabulary Medical .1.8.
  • Medical worksheet 1. 9

Lekcja 16

Temat: Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving worksheets (turkeys; Quiz on America; fill in the gap story)
discussion -Thanksgiving
Homework for Wednesday:

  • WB p. 25 Modals ex. 7-11
  • vocabulary 6. 4 part 2
  • watch the film Thanksgiving

Lekcja 15

Temat: Friendship; Transport.

Checked homework
Warmer: using words from the list q and A
SBp. 94-95 (without grammar)
Speaking ESL transport
Homework for Monday:

  • vocabulary unit 6.5 part 1
  • WBp. 43 ex. 10, p. 44 ex.11, p. 45 ex.17

Lekcja 14

Temat: Safety first.

SB unit 6.4 p. 92-93 ex.1, game, film, ex. 6
speaking Transportation (16 Question Strips)
Homework for Wednesday:

  • vocabulary unit 6.4 part 1
  • WB p. 43 ex.8,9, p. 47 ex.6,8
  • watch sth in English

Lekcja 13

Temat: Respiratory illness; food.

Checked homework
Warmer: revision of vocbulary questions and answers
Medical unit 7. p. 16 ex. 3 vocabuary
ex.6 and 7 listening
ex. 8 Speaking: SS role play doctors and patients using language
Presentation: PPPKT4 Food (Rob) ps 1-2 only
Homework for Monday:

  • Worksheet from Medical 1.8
  • Vocabulary:

small of the back

Lekcja 12

Temat: Restaurants.

EFPre:Restaurant Problems ex. 4 Social English
speaking: Restaurants
Homework for Wednesday:

  • vocabulary; restaurants (from the worksheets) especially: Spelling Practice and Restaurants (15 sentences)
  • worksheet Practical English: Hotel problems ex. 3
  • watch sth in English

Lekcja 11

Temat: Self esteem.

Checked homework
warmer: vocab revision questions and answers using revision words
SB p. 90-91 (all) including SB video
Homework for Monday:

  • vocabulary unit 6.3 part 2
  • WB p. 42-43 ex.6,7

Lekcja 10

Temat: Restaurant problems.

Restaurant problems -pre-intermediate Book p. 26-27 ex.2
worksheet- Quick and Useful phrases Restaurant
speaking in pairs-topic discussion: restaurants
Homework for Wednesday:

  • vocabulary A) Practical English: restaurant Problems and Quick and Useful phrases Restaurant

  • watch sth in English
  • worksheet (WB) Restaurant problems ex.1,2,4

Lekcja 9

Temat: All Saints Day.

warm-up: revision of medical vocabulary;
six words out of ten chosen by students from previous medical vocabulary in sentences
checked homework
Discusssion about All Saint’s Day and All Soul’s Day
Homework for Monday:

  • Vocabulary unit 6.3 part 1
  • WB p. 49 ex. 5,6

Lekcja 8

Temat: Gerund/infinitive -revision.

game -gerund/infinitive
true/false sentenses (gerund)
SB p. 89 ex.6,7
guess my job (present simple and jobs revision)
Homework for Wednesday:

  • vocabulary unit 6.2 part 2
  • watch sth in English
  • WB p. 46 ex.1,2,3 (gerund)

Lekcja 7

Temat: Gestures and airports.

Warmer: more role plays using words from quick and useful phrases at the airport
Checked homework
SB BLAZE 2  unit 6.2 p. 88 ex 1,2,3 (and film and questions on it)
Homework for Monday:

  • vocabulary unit 6.2 pt. 1 (BLAZE 2)
  • WB p. 42 ex. 4,5; p. 45 ex. 17 (listening)

Lekcja 6

Temat: Gerund, infinitive.

Game gerund/infinitive
speaking worksheet EF TB Iplus p. 184
Homework for Wednesday:

  • vocabulary: gerund/infinitive verbs from the worksheet (hate, need, plan, feel like, keep, want, help, avoid, would like, imagine, prefer, can’t afford, enjoy, allow, decide, forget, recommend, finish)
  • watch sth in English:

Lekcja 5

Temat: Parts of the Body; Airports and Air Travel.

checked homework
warmer: quick vocab revision
Medical SB unit 1.6 parts of the body 3
Worksheets : Airports and Air Travel and
Quick and useful phrases from
Quick and useful phrases used in role plays by Ss
(will continue role plays next time too)
Homework for Monday:

  • vocabulary : Medical 1.6 plus Medical worksheet 1.7
  •  revise “quick and useful phrases” at the airport for further practise next time

Lekcja 4

Temat: Gerund, infinitive.

discussion of the film “How to become fluent in English”?
WB p. 22 unit 6 Gerund/infinitive theory
speaking: gerund/infinitive
Homework for Wednesday:

  • vocabulary gerund, infinitive verbs (from the film and worksheet)
  • WBp. 23 ex.1,2,3
  • watch the film, do the quiz, learn the verbs

Lekcja 3

Temat: Animals.

Checked homework
SB p. 86-87 unit 6.1 (without ex. 6,7,8)
Video from SB (about animals)
S. answer comprehsneion and discussion questions.
speaking-animals (ESL worksheets):
Homework for Monday:

  • WB p. 42 ex.2,3
  • vocabulary:

shake hands

Lekcja 2

Temat: Coming back:).

Game: Name four things.
the English alphabet revision (SBEFP)
unit 6 Getting the message across SBp.85
Homework for Wednesday:

  • SB p. 85 unit 6 Getting the message across, watch the video and do the worksheet
  • vocabulary unit 6.0 module page
  • WB p. 42 ex.1
  • watch the short film : „How to become fluent in English”? and write down 8 clues/suggestions

Lekcja 1

Temat: Holidays; air travel.

Warmer: Did you have a nice holiday?
Presentation: Danny’s own video with questions
Ss discuss holidays in general, and their last holiday
Game: Speaking Crossword Airports and Air Travel from ESL Topics. com
Homework for Monday:

  • revise medical vocabulary so far.
  • Medical worksheet 1.6


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