Lekcja 60

Temat: Summertime.

Warm Up: sharing about holiday plans
Sb page 131
PPP:Summertime (ST3)

Lekcja 59

Temat: Goodbye.

grammar game (buzzers)-revision
speaking time board game
Summer maze
PPP Summertime slide 1,2 (STR 3)

Lekcja 58

Temat: Discussion of lyrics.

Warm up: discussion of lyrics
checked homework
SB p. 118 ex.1,2,3,4
No homework:)

Lekcja 57

Temat: Final test. Family fortune.

Family Fortune game
Homework for Thursday:

  • SB p. 121 ex.1,2,3,4,5,7,8
  • Jeśli jesteś zadowolony z nauki w szkole hello podziel się opinią o nas na facebooku lub w opiniach google

Dodaj opinię w google:


Dodaj opinię na facebooku:

Lekcja 56

Temat: Hotels.

SB p. 116-117 unit 7.5 (all)
Worksheet: Vocabulary Bulider (esl topics)

Homework for Tuesday:

  • Jeśli jesteś zadowolony z nauki w szkole hello podziel się opinią o nas na facebooku lub w opiniach google

Dodaj opinię w google:

Dodaj opinię na facebooku:

  • vocabulary unit 7.5 part 1 and part 3
  • WB p.81 ex.16,17,18,19

Lekcja 55

Temat: Plant Lamps.

warm up-question tags (theory and worksheet from All things grammar)
SBp. 112-113 ex.1,2,3,4,6,8
WBp.45 ex.3
millionaires game (revision)
Homework for Thursday:

  • vocabulary unit 7.3 part 1 and 2
  • WB p. 44 ex. 1 (back of the book)
  • WB p.80 ex.10,11,12

Lekcja 54

Temat: Digital Detox.

Warm Up: Fill up PLANTS
Check Homework
SB. page 114-115 ex.1-8
Speaking: computers and internet; technology -discussion
Homework for Tuesday:

  • vocabulary unit 7.4 part 1
  • WB p. 80-81 ex.13,14,15

Lekcja 53

Temat: Space. Grammar: A/An/The.

SB p. 110-111 ex.1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
game (a/an/the (SOFTWARE Blaze 3 unit 7.2)
worksheet: a/an/the TBEFI-game
Homework for Thursday (16.05):

  • vocabulary 7.2 part 1
  • WB p. 79 ex.5,6,7,8,9

Lekcja 52

Temat: Back to the Future.

Checked homework
Warm up: Bingo
SB Unit 7.1 p. 108-109 (all)+ video
Communicative quiz: Poland’s neighbours (Macmillan worksheet)
Homework for Tuesday (14.05):

  • Vocabulary unit 7.1 part 1
  • WB p.78 ex.3,4

Lekcja 51

Temat: Types of Art.

-Warm up: give a definition, spell, draw or make a sentence
-Dictation (6.3 part 1)
-Homework check
-Hangman game: guess today’s topic
-SB p.96 ex. 1, 2, 5, 6 + Video “Walking in a Winter Wonderland” and worksheet
-Game/MacMillan worksheet “Superstitions Around the World” (1st Conditional revision)
-Guessing each other’s tastes
-PPP Talk for a Minute: Books, TV, Music
Homework for Tuesday (07.05):

  • vocabulary unit 6.4 part 1
  • WB p. 69 ex.16,17

Lekcja 50

Temat: Reported speech: orders; special indroductory verbs.

SBp. 93 ex.7 (+ theory), 8
SBp. 97 ex 7 (grammar introductory verbs)
exit test Blaze 3: vocabulary and grammar (as a game: buzzers)
Homework for Thursday (09.05):

  • vocabulary unit 6.1 (all)
  • revise for a test (reported speech: SBp. P. 93 ex. 7; p. 97 ex.7; WBp. 36 tył książki)
  • WBp. 37 (tył książki) ex.2; p. 38 ex. 5, p. 39 ex. 6

Lekcja 49

Temat: Vietnamese Puppet Theatre. Easter.

checked homework
warmer: quick revision of vocabulary
SB p.94 ex.,1-8
worksheet: Easter double puzzle
PPP: Easter
Homework for Tuesday (30.04):

  • vocabulary unit 6.3 part 1
  • WB p.67-68 ex.10,11,12,13,14

Lekcja 48

Temat: Reported speech -questions.

reported speech question-worksheet (present simple)
SB unit 6.1 James Bond p. 90-91 ex.1,2,3 (film), ex.-reported speech
exam (fill in the gaps) worksheet
Homework for Thursday (25.04):

  • vocabulary unit 6.1 part 2
  • WB p. 66 ex.2,3,4,p. 73 ex.7,8

Lekcja 47

Temat: Crime. Airports.

warm up: quick vocabulary revision
homework checked
SB p. 80-81 ex.1-10
PPP: Airports
PPP: Crime
Homework for Tuesday:

  • vocabulary unit 5.4 part 1
  • WB p.56-57 ex.14,15,16,17

Lekcja 46

Temat: Reported speech.

WB p. 36 theory tell/say, reported speech
WB p. 72.ex.1,2,3
game steal swap bust-reported speech
Homework for Thursday:

  • vocabulary unit 6A part 1 and time expressions changing in the reported speech
  • WB p. 73 ex.5; and p.37 (Grammar in Use) ex.1,2

Lekcja 45

Temat: Holiday Trouble.

warm up- Vocabulary Revision by giving the definition and sharing examples
check Homework
SB p. 78-79 ex.1,2,3,4,5,6,7
SB p. 79 ex 11 and 12
Speaking : Sharing experiences encountered on holidays.
Homework for Tuesday:

  • vocabulary unit 5.3 part 1
  • WB p.55 ex.10,11,12,13

Lekcja 44

Temat: Modal verbs.

warm up-comparative adjectives board game
SBp. 75 ex. 9 Game (modal verbs)
WBp. 30 theory on modal verbs
grammar worksheets: modals of probability and may/might
Homework for Thursday:

  • worksheet „extra practice material” transformacje p. 48 ex.1-18
  • vocabulary unit 5.1 part 2
  • WB p. 60 ex.1,2,3

Lekcja 43

Temat: Madagascar. Medical problems.

Warm up-game -revision module 4: Two roleplays using vocabulary:
1. at the doctor’s surgery because of food poisoning
2.at the A and E hospital because of anaphylaxis brought on by food
Checked homework
SB p. 74-75 unit 5.1; ex.1-8
Presentation: PPPR Sport (first 3 pages)
Homework for Tuesday:

  • Vocabulary module 5.1 part 1
  • WB p.54 ex.4,5,6

Lekcja 42

Temat: Quantifiers. Adverbs.

warm up_Fun Time B game (passive)
adverb dictation worksheet
matching pairs (adjectives-adverbs) game
WBp. 28 ex.21, 22
Homework for Thursday:

  • crossword worksheet (adverbs)
  • WB p. 28 ex.23,24
  • vocabulary unit 5 Amazing travel
  • worksheet –transformacje przykłady od 61 do 80

Lekcja 41

Temat: Education/ Health Problems.

Warm up: Genius Game
check homework
SB p. 62-63 ex.1-9; ex.8-9
Speaking Time: Talk about health (esl topics: discussion)
Homework for Tuesday:

  • vocabulary unit 4.4 part 1
  • WB p.44 ex.14,15,16,18

Lekcja 40

Temat: Passive voice. St Patrick’s Day.

PPP ST PAtrick’s Day (STR3)
WB p.22 theory on the passive; p. 48 ex.1,2,3
Homework for Thursday:

  • vocabulary unit 4.2 part 2
  • -worksheet –transformacje przykłady od 40 do 60
  • St Patrick’s Day worksheet
  • WB p. 48 ex.4,5
  • test (gimnazjum exam/8klasisty exam)

Lekcja 39

Temat: The Story of Foods; St. Patrick’s Day.

Checked homework
Warmer: SS ask each other questions from words on list. Other sts answer
SBp. 58 -59 ex.1,2,3,4,5,6,9,
St Patrick’s Day worksheets from Macmillan: Irish Trivia
Presentation: Danny’s own film food and drink festival from Zawisza: SS discuss
Homework for Tuesday:

  • vocabulary unit 4.2 part 1
  • WB p. 43 ex.6,7,8,9

Lekcja 38

Temat: Test (module 3). Passive voice.

SB p. 57 passive voice ex.8,9,10
speaking: passive voice past simple quiz (teachthis)
buzzer game-sentence transformation worksheet (some examples)
Homework for Thursday:

  • worksheet –transformacje przykłady od 21 do 39
  • writing ogłoszenie (8 klasa) email (gimnazjum)
  • vocabulary 4.1 part 2
  • worksheet Passive voice

Lekcja 37

Temat: Tastes.

Warm up; Who Am I?
Check Homework
Speaking Time: worksheet Tell a story 3B (TBEFUI)
SB p. 55
SB p. 56 ex.1,2,3-4, 5,6,7
Homework for Tuesday:

  • vocabulary module 4.1 part 1
  • WB p.42 ex.1,2,3,4,5

Lekcja 36

Temat: Revision: Module 3.

game: noughts and crosses (first conditional revision)
PPP Who wants to win millions (grammar revision module 3)
self Check SBp. 53 ex.4,5
British council worksheets (future)
Homework for Thursday:

  • prośba:) Jeśli jesteś zadowolony z nauki w szkole hello podziel się opinią o nas na facebooku lub w opiniach google
  • revise for a test (module 3)
  • SBp. 127 language Review 3 (all)
  • WBp. 38 ex.12,13 (grammar practice)

Lekcja 35

Temat: Mothers of Invention; revision.

Checked homework
Complete the sentences revision for 1st conditional
‘Dream on’ 2nd conditional activity from Reward Resource Pack
‘Love across the river’ activity to revise 1,2,3 conditionals
SB p. 53 ex.1,2,3,6
PPP: Mothers of Invention p. 1-3
Homework for Tuesday:

  • WB p. 40- 41 ex.1,2,3
  • vocabulary module 4 (module page: Good food, good life)

Lekcja 34

Temat: Future forms (revision). II and III conditionals.

warm up: Future forms: film, worksheets, test
be going to -picture game
worksheet 7A communicative p.186 (if, until, unless)-I conditional speaking
Second and Third conditionals WBp.20
game online Conditionals (billionaires)
Homework for Thursday:

  • prośba:) Jeśli jesteś zadowolony z nauki w szkole hello podziel się opinią o nas na facebooku lub w opiniach google
  • vocabulary unit 3.6 part 2
  • WB p. 21 ex.12,13,14
  • optional: read about Future Tenses (revision)


Lekcja 33

Temat: Clean Up Our world and Good Manners.

Warm Up: Alphabet Race
Check Homework
SB p. 51 ex. 6 and 7
PPP Good Manners
SB p. 127 Language review 3
Homework for Tuesday:

  • prośba:) Jeśli jesteś zadowolony z nauki w szkole hello podziel się opinią o nas na facebooku lub w opiniach google
  • vocabulary unit 3.6 part 1
  • WB p. 94 Vocabulary Bank” Go green”

Lekcja 32

Temat: 0 and I conditionals.

warm up Winter PPP (STR3) slides: 2-5)
PPP: 0 conditional -rules, examples
I conditional-rules (if, unless)
worksheet -0 and I conditionals (rules)
Superstitions -If you walk under the ladder…
game: missing words (conditionals)
Homework for Thursday:

  • worksheet -first page (I conditional) WYDRUKUJ


  • vocabulary unit 3.5 part 2

Lekcja 31

Temat: Responsible Recycling; Winter.

Warmer: Five favourite words
Checked homework
Speaking activities: Future: Whose Life is It? (Reward Upper Intermediate Resource Pack)
SB p. 48 unit 3.5 ex.1,2,3,4, 7,8,10
Presentation: PPP TFM Winter
Homework for Tuesday:

  • vocabulary unit 3.5 part 1
  • WB p.33 ex.15,16; p. 39 ex.19

Lekcja 30

Temat: Future. Winter.

-SB p.45 ex.7,8
-worksheet (WB EFpre-inter be going to/PC)
-Winter (Macmillan)-matching, crossword
-PPP Winter STR3 (slide 1)
Homework for Thursday:

  • TEST (future)-study WB p. 18 (teoria z tyłu książki)
  • WB p. 37 ex.7,8,9,10
  • vocabulary unit 3.4 part 2

Lekcja 29

Temat: Extinct Animals.

Warm Up (Tongue Twister)
Check Homework
SB page 46
Warm Up (Word Association)
PPP New Zealand Whales
Homework for Tuesday:

  • vocabulary unit 3.4 part 1
  • WBp. 32-33 ex.10,11,12,13,14

Lekcja 28

Temat: Egzamin gimnazjalny/egzamin ósmoklasisty.

egzamin: słuchanie
egzamin: pisanie-pocztówka
warm up-categories
future: will, be going to
Homework for Thursday:

  • vocabulary unit 3.3 part 2
  • finish gimnazjum or ósmoklasisty exam (all)-w załączniku:


Lekcja 27

Temat: Animals.

Warm up: SS create dialogue from revision words
winter break discussion
SB p. 44 1,2,3
Presentation: PPP Animal Rights
Homework for Tuesday:

  • vocabulary unit 3.3 part 1
  • WB p.31 ex. 8; p.32 ex. 9

Lekcja 26

Temat: Gerund/infinitive -revision.

warm up-Game Who wants to win millions (past continuous, prepositions, vocabulary revision)
SBp. 42 ex.1,2
game online -gerund
speaking worksheet:
WB p. 36 ex.1,2
Homework for Thursday (31 stycznia):

  • revise for a test (gerund) WBp. 16-17 (esp ex.1,2,3)
  • WBp. 36 ex.3, ex. 6 (write sentenses with all verbs/expressions)
  • vocabulary unit 3.2 part 1

Lekcja 25

Temat: Think Earth.

Warm up -use the word in a sentence
Dictation/dyktando: chrirstmas vocabulary part one
SB p. 39
SB p. 40 ex.1-3, film instead of reading (ex.4)
Homework for Tuesday/ zadanie domowe na wtorek (29 stycznia):

  • vocabulary unit 3.1 part 1
  • WB p. 30 ex.1,2,3,4

Lekcja 24

Temat: Gerund, infinitive.

warm up: discussion on Christmas
SBp. 41 ex 7,8,9
worksheet TBEFPre -gerund (=game auction)
SBp. 41 Game (software), gerund or infinitive?
Homework for Thursday:

  • vocabulary module 3 module page Think Earth
  • WBp. 17 (tył książki) ex.1,2,3

Lekcja 23

Temat: Test module 2./ Christmas.

Christmas: discussion, film, quiz
Homework for Thursday (3rd January):

  • vocabulary Christmas part 2

Lekcja 22

Temat: Christmas.

checked homework
Presentation: PPPKT5 Christmas
speaking activities: worksheet winter Macmillan
Homework for Tuesday/zadanie domowe na wtorek (8 stycznia):

  • Christmas vocabulary part 1 (use memrise/skrypt)
  • write an email (see the worksheet On Thursday)

Lekcja 21

Temat: Revision (module 2).

game: Shark (SBp. 126)
present perfect game
present perfect-True/False sentences
present perfect game (Upload 3 unit 4.9)
Homework for Thursday/zadanie domowe na czwartek:

  • revise for the test (module 2, especially SBp. 35,126)
  • SBp. 126 Language review 2
  • worksheet: past simple vs past continuous:


Lekcja 20

Temat: Geographical features: Sports.

Warmer: revision: SS make up dialogue or paragraph or story using 7 of the revision words
chcekd homework
SB p. 33 ex. 4
WB p. 93 Geographical features
Presentation: PPPKT5 Sports
WB p. 22 ex. 20,21
Homework for Tuesday/zadanie domowe na wtorek:

  • vocabulary irregular verbs pt. 2
  • SB p. 126

Lekcja 19

Temat: Present Perfect.

warm up -game Past Contin. (revision)
SBp. 27 ex. 7
WBp. 10-11 Theory: present perfect, ex.6,7,8
present perfect game-making sentences
Present Perfect picture game (youtube)
Homework for Thursday:

  • irregular verbs part 1 (sa na początku skryptu)
  • WB p. 24-25 ex.5,8, 9

Lekcja 18

Temat: Fears Phobias and Emotions/Teenage trends.

PPPKT5 Teenage Trends, Fears Phobias and Emotions
SB p. 30 -31 unit 2.5 ex.1,2, film (instead of reading), ex.6
Homework for Tuesday/na wtorek:

  • vocabulary unit 2.5 part 1
  • WB p. 20-21 ex.13, 14, 15, 16

Lekcja 17

Temat: Would/get used to/ be used to sth/get used to sth; Egzamin gimnazjalny/8 klasisty pisanie.

film BBC Grammar Show would/used to
writing a letter-omówienie jak piszemy list formalny i pół-formalny; zasady oceniania wypowiedzi pisemnej przez egzaminatorów; piszemy list
Homework for Thursday:

  • vocabulary unit 2.1 part 2
  • rewrite the letter/osoby nieobecne proszę napisać list: Ostatnio przebywałeś w Anglii u swojego kolegi. Napisz list do rodziny, w którym: a) podziękujesz za pobyt b) stwierdzisz, że bardzo podobał Ci się Twój pokój i smakowały Ci potrawy przygotowane przez mamę c) zaprosisz całą rodzinę do swojego domu w Polsce. (50-100 słów)

Lekcja 16

Temat: Undersea Exploration.

checked homework
Warmer: Ss use revision words in a news bulletin that they create
SB unit 2.4 (all)
Presentation: PPP School (by Rob)
Homework for Tuesday:

  • vocabulary unit 2.4 part 2 plus functions
  • WB p. 20 ex. 10,11,12

Lekcja 15

Temat: Would/used to/get used to sth.

egzamin gimnazjalny-(pisanie, zasady)
game BL2 (unit 3.6 ex.4)-past continuous vs past simple
WB p. 8 would/used to -rules; p. 9 ex.3,4
game ninjas (past simple/used to/past cont)
WB p. 8: be used to/get used to sth
Homework for Thursday:

  • vocabulary unit 2.4 part 1
  • write 3 sentenses with get used to sth (przyzwyczajac się do czegoś) ; 3 sentenses with be used to sth (być przyzwyczajonym do czegoś)-podpowiedź WB p. 8 (zasady)
  • osoby zdające egzamin 8-klasisty, proszę obejrzeć 6 krótkich filmików na temat egzaminu


  • WBp. 25-26 ex.11,12
  • worksheet get used to/past simple/ past continuous


Lekcja 14

Temat: Thanksgiving.

egzamin gimnazjalny/egzamin 8 klasisty słuchanie (tes 1 ex.1,2)
Thanksgiving worksheets: Thanksgiving story; Quiz (America); talking about turkeys:)
Homework for Tuesday:

  • vocabulary unit 2.4 part 1
  • WB p. 93 Vocabulary Bank: Geographical features ex.1,2

Lekcja 13

Temat: Egzamin gimnazjalny/8 klasisty z j.ang.

warm up- PPP Who wants to win millions (module 1 revision)
egzamin gimnazjalny (rozszerzony), exercises
Homework for Thursday/zadanie domowe na czwartek:

  • vocabulary MODULE 2.3 Outdoor adventures
  • WB p. 24 ex. 3 (Grammar Practice)-write the questions and answers
  • WBp. 9 ex. 2 (Grammar in Use)
  • egzamin gimnazjalny: reading (wszystkie ćwiczenia z czytania)

Lekcja 12

Temat: Weather and Natural disaster.

warm up (vocabularies they have learned )
Check their homework
SB p. 26-27 unit 2.3 Outdoor activities ex.1,2, ex.3, ex.4,5
Speaking Time: PPP: weather and natural disaster
Homework for Tuesday:

  • vocabulary MODULE 2.3 Outdoor adventures
  • WB p. 19-20 ex.7,8,9

Lekcja 11

Temat: Past Simple vs Past Continuous.

warm up-game : steal swap bust (vocabulary revision: module 1)
WB p. 8 Theory (past simple, past Continuous), p. 9 ex.1
game: Typhoon (past simple, past continous)
Homework for Thursday:

  • vocabulary unit 2.1 part 1
  • WB p. 24 ex.1,2

Lekcja 10

Temat: Test;  Mountains and other natural features.

Checked homework
Test 1B
SB p. 21 (all) (including video and related questions)
Presentation: PPPBBC: Oldest Man on Everest
Ss discuss mountains and other natural features
Homework for Tuesday:

  • vocabulary module page unit 2
  • WB p. 17 ex. 2, p.18 ex. 1

Lekcja 9

Temat: Jobs.

-Warm up: revision of the vocabulary (Unit 1.2). Game (2 chairs)
-Dictation (Unit 1.2)
-Homework check (WB p.6, ex. 12, 13, 14, back of the book)
-SB P.16-17 Unit 1.6: Vocabulary ex. 1, 2 (+ matching game), 6 (+film) and discussion (City life-Country life)
-Listening ex. 8
-PPP Jobs: games
Homework for Tuesday/zadanie domowe na wtorek:

  • Revise for a test (module 1: grammar and vocabulary)
  • SB p.125, language review 1

Lekcja 8

Temat: Comparatives and Superlatives part 2.

Checked homework
quick revision of some words
Speaking boardgame
WBp. 6 (the end of the book) theory only
Game: 10 noun comparatives:
SB p.13 ex. 7, 8
TBEFI3A communicative worksheet comparatives and superlatives
Ss ask and answer questions using comps and superls
SBp. 15 ex. 9 phrasal verb: look
Homework for Thursday/Zadanie domowe na czwartek (8 listopada):

  • vocabulary unit 1.1 part 1
  • SBp. 19 ex. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 (self check)

Lekcja 7

Temat: Comparatives and superlatives.

warm up -relatives =revision
relatives worksheet
WB p. 14 ex.15
hangman game
SB p. 11 unit 1.3 -theory: comparative and superlative
game based on the worksheet TBEFO 3a grammar
Homework for Tuesday:

  • WB read the theory on page 6 (back of the book) and do ex.12,13,14
  • vocabulary unit 1.2 (all)

Lekcja 6

Temat: Relative pronouns.

speaking crossowrd Relative clauses crossword
online game (relatives)
SB p. 16 ex.6,7
worksheet TBEFP 3C Grammar defining relative clauses ex.a
Homework for Thursday:

  • Wb p. 14 ex.14
  • WB p. 92 Vocabulary Bank 1 Styles and Materials ex.1,2,3
  • vocabulary unit 1.2 part 1

Lekcja 5

Temat: Fashion.

breaking the ice/ getting to know your teacher
checked homework
SB p. 14 ex. 1,2,3,4,5
PPPKT5 Fashion + crossword (esl topics)
Homework for Tuesday:

  • vocabulary unit 1.5 (all)
  • WB p.9 ex.19,20,22

Lekcja 4

Temat: Present Simple -stative verbs.

warm up-what’s my job?
adverbs of freqquency-(laminated stripes) speaking
SB unit 1.1 ex. 11
stative verbs SBp. 9 ex.7,8
game: steal swap bust (practising stative verbs)
Homework for Thursday/zadanie domowe na czwartek:

  • do the worksheet


  • vocabulary 1.5 part 1 use Memrise or ebook (p. 14)
  • WB: Grammar Practice p. 12 ex.4,5 p. 13 ex.6,7

Lekcja 3

Temat: Teen problems.

Warmer: revision of vocab: 10 disappearing words
Checked homework
SB p. 10-11 unit 1.3 ex 1-6, 11, 12, 13
using SB video
Presentation: PPPKT5: Tightrope Walker
S. answer questions using some of the words and discuss.
Homework for Tuesday:

  • vocabulary unit 1.3 (use Memrise)
  • WB p.8 ex. 10,11,12,13,14

Lekcja 2

Temat: Holidays; getting to know you.

Warm up: get to know you
Conversation Classes Getting to know you 17
Presentation: PPP: Coming back from holidays
SS discuss questions of p.1 and 2 and 3
SB p. 12 ex.1,2,3
SS describe themselves
Video: SB ex. 4 .Discussion with the students
Homework for Tuesday:

  • vocabulary 1.4 use Memrise
  • SB p. 12 ex.4,5,6

Lekcja 1

Temat: Jobs.

Present Simple vs Present Continuous -”laminated rules”
game: “Name four things”
SBp. 5 (all), film about jobs
WBp. 3 ex.1
Homework for Thursday:

  • vocabulary module 1 page 5 (use Memrise or ebook)
  • zainstaluj ebook’a
  • WB Grammar Practice p. 12 ex.1,2,3 (help: theory in WB: Grammar in Use p. 2)

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