Lekcja 11

Temat: Practical English: Wrong shoes.

warm up- PPP “After” New Year: Christmas, New Year’s Resolutions
SBp. 42-43 ex.1,2,3a,b,c,d
Homework for Monday:

  • vocabulary Practical English: The wrong shoes. (use Memrise and DVD; learn the dialogue on p. 43 ex.3b by heart:)
  • WBp.36 (all)
  • listen to an audiobook (sth in English)

Lekcja 10

Temat: Test. Christmas.

Test module 5.
PPP Christmas (STR3) inculding:
Christmas song: Last Christmas
Homework for Monday (7th January):

  • Christmas vocabulary part 1 (use Memrise, type in: hello Bydgoszcz Christmas)

Lekcja 9

Temat: How much is too much.

SBp. 134-135 theory and ex. 5C:a,b
SBp. 40-41 ex.1,2e,f,3
worksheet: 5B Vocabulary p. 255 TBEFP
Homework for Monday:

  • revise for the test on module 5 (especially SB p. 134-135 and p. 156)
  • use your DVD to revise grammar and vocabulary
  • WB p. 34-35 ex.1,2,5
  • użyj memrise do powtórzenia stopniowania przymiotników (unit 5A, 5B)
  • optional”- listen, translate and sing along: Dangerous by Roxette:)

Lekcja 8

Temat: Superlatives cities.

SBp. 38 ex. 1a,1b; 3a,3b; 4a,4b; 5a
worksheet 5B grammar ex.a,b (1-3)
Homework for Monday:

  • vocabulary 5 b (all)
  • WBp. 32 ex.1a,1b,1c
  • SB Vocabulary Bank p. ex.1,2,3
  • optional: watch the film (there, they’re, their) and do the quiz below:

  • optional: watch Alf (6th episode)

Lekcja 7

Temat: Superlatives.

SBp. 37 ex.5b,5c
SB Grammar Bank unit 5B superlatives p. 134, 135 ex. 5B:a
speaking TBEFP 5B communicative (superlatives)
Homework for Monday:

  • vocabulary unit 5B part 2
  • worksheet TBEFP unit 5A grammar (all)
  • optional: watch Alf (5th episode)
  • SBp. 135 unit 5B ex.b
  • practise pronunciation: they’re; weren’t, aren’t (wpisz do wyszukiwarki słownika)

  • optional: follow tips in SB ex. 5 p.37:)

Lekcja 6

Temat: Comparatives.

SBp. 37 ex.2,4,5a
SBp. 134 5A, 135 ex.5A:a.b
Homework for Monday:

  • vocabulary 5b part 1
  • WB p.30 ex.1a,1b
  • optional watch Alf (4th episode)

Lekcja 5

Temat: Test -module 4; No time for anything.

SB p.33 ex.6c; p.35 film; p. 36 ex.1a-f
Homework for Monday:

  • vocabulary unit 5A part 1
  • WB p. 30 ex. 2 p. 31 ex.5
  • optional: watch Alf third episode

Lekcja 4

Temat: Revise and Check 3&4.

SBp. 33 ex.6a,6b
SBp. 34 grammar, vocabulary: d
SBp.133 ex.4C:a,b,c,d
Homework for Monday:

  • test Module 4a,4b,4c
  • optional: watch Alf (2nd episode)

Lekcja 3

Temat: Lost weekend.

guess my job -laminated worksheets (vocabulary and grammar revision)
TBEFP 4B vocabulary shopping
SBp. 31 ex.6
SBp. 32 ex.1,2; p. 132 theory (somebody/anybody-people)
Homework for Monday:

  • vocabulary unit 4b part 2
  • SB p. 32 ex. 4 a,b,c
  • WB p. 27 ex.2,4
  • optional/extra: watch one episode of Alf (1st)

Lekcja 2

Temat: Present Perfect vs Past Simple.

warm up-discussion on the film “How to become fluent in English”
SBp. 31 ex.2, p. 132-133 present perfect theory and ex.4B:b
SBp. 31 ex.3,4
Homework for Monday:

  • vocabulary unit 4B part 1
  • irregular verbs part 2 (jak się uda:)
  • WB p. 26 (all)
  • read and listen to the tapescript p. 120

Lekcja 1

Temat: Present Perfect. Shopping.

warm up- game: Name four things.
dictation phone numbers
SBp. 155 Vocabulary Bank Shopping
Present Perfect -revision
Homework for Monday:

  • vocabulary: irregular verbs part 1
  • watch the short film and write down 8 tips/suggestions

  • SB p. 30 -read the text and do ex.1

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