Lekcja 18

Temat: Was/were.

Warm up: music vocab + like/hate/don’t mind + ing
Communicative 6C TBEFE Be or do?
Grammarway 1 p. 119, speaking: like /dislikes/ would like to…
listening, Student’s Book, p. 51, ex. 3
Past Simpe: was/were: blaze 1: grammar book, unit 29, ex. 1, 6 -speaking
SB., communictaive 7A: where were you…?
Homework for Tuesday (29 stycznia):

  • Workbook, str./p. 43 -all
  • Vocabulary: unit 7A

Lekcja 17

Temat: Like+ ing. Music.

TBEFB communicative giving directions
Student’s Book, p. 76 ex. 5 speaking what do you like doing?
TBEFB communicative I like/hate/love doing
Student’s Book p. 77 ex. 1 listening
SB.p.77 ex. 3 be or do
Homework for Thursday:

  • Workbook, p. 41 (all)

Lekcja 16

Temat: Places in a town. Giving directions.

TBEFE Communicative Palesman- object pronouns
Listening, ichecker, Workbook, p. 38, ex. 5
Karta pracy: Places in a town:
Speaking activity: places around town
PPP Giving directions

Lekcja 15

Temat: Talking on the phone. Object pronouns.

Grammar Bank 6A, object prouns explanation + ex. 1
SB. 6a, listening-responses
video: On the phone
Karta pracy: order a conversation and dialogues
Homework for Thursday/na czwartek:

  • Workbook, str. 37- cała (all)
  • Słownictwo: unit 6a

Lekcja 14

Temat: Practical English. In a clothes shop.

oprogramowanie: Access 1: module 6: unit 1: speaking: what’s the weather like?
TBEFE Communicative: The dates.
PPP EFE Clothes and fashion
Practical English. Clothes. SB., p. 42, 43
Homework for Tuesday:

  • watch the video about buying clothes :


  • Activity Book, str./p. 36

Lekcja 13

Temat: What’s the weather like?

Communicative 5A What can you do?
SB. p. 159, The weather and the dates”
SB. , p. 40, ex. 1
TBEFE 5C Vocabulary The weather
film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rn1BxewN-kQ
Homework for Thursday:

  • Vocabulary: unit 5C, part 1 –use memerise/script
  • Workbook, p. 34, ex. 1, 2

Lekcja 12

Temat:Can and can’t. Present Simple or progressive?

Warm up: Popcorn game
Present Simple or Continuous- SB., p. 133, ex. 5C-a
TBEFE Communicative 5C
SB., p. 37, ex. 2- grammar: can/can’t
listening- track 55
PPP EFE Can you park here?
Homework for Tuesday:

  • Studen’s Book, p. 133, ex. 5C- b
  • słownictwo: unit 5A, part 1

Lekcja 11

Temat: Present Continuous.

TBEFE vocabulary 4B
SB, p. 39, ex. 2
PPP EFE Present Continuous
SB Communicative Spot the difference
Game online:https://www.mes-games.com/verbs1
SB p. 40 -listening and speaking
Homework for Thursday:

  • Słownictwo: unit 5B part 1 and 2

Lekcja 10

Temat: Everyday activities.

Warm up: Family tree – blaze 1
PPP Present Simple
SB, p. 35- listening
SB. p. 156, everyday activities
SB. p.101 -communicative- how healthy is your lifestyle?
Prepositions: Grammar Bank, 4B
TBFEF Communicative 4B, prepositions

Lekcja 9

Temat: Possesive s, Family.

Warm up: Adverbs of frequency -talk about yourself
Listening, SB. p. 24, ex. 1
Whose, possesive s – SB. p. 130, 4A Grammar Bank
TBEFB, Grammar, possesive – speaking
Family, SB., p. 155 (all)
TBEFE Vocabulary The Family
Homework for Thursday:

  • Workbook (ćwiczenia), p. 24 (all)
  • Słownictwo na test (vocabulary for a test): unit 4A

Lekcja 8

Temat: Time.

Warm up: Practical English translate
Student’s Book str. 23, zad. 5 – verb phrases/speaking
Wprowadzenie: What’s the time?
Student’s Book, str. 157 (cała) – time, time expressions, adverbs of frequency
TB EFE Communicative 4c How often do you…?
Homework for Tuesday:

  • Proszę nauczyć się słownictwa z UNITu 4C, part 1
  • Karta Pracy – Present Simple

Lekcja 7

Temat: Verb phrase.

Communicative: TBEFB, Where does she work?
Practical English, part. 1 Arriving in London: videos + exercises
SB, p. 153- verb phrases
Communicative: TBEFE, verb phrases: true, not true
Homework for Thursday:

  • Proszę poćwiczyć słownictwo z unitu: PRACTICAL ENGLISH “Arriving in London” (z memrise/skryptem).

Lekcja 6

Temat: Jobs.

Warm up: opposites
Jobs. SB., p. 154,
Game: job guessing
Blaze 1: unit 2.1, ex. 1 listening, ex. 4
Blaze 1: video: module 3: jobs+ questions
PPP Talk for a minute jobs
Homework for Tuesday:

  • Unit 3B, part 1- słówka do nauki
  • Workbook, str. 19, zad. a, b, c

Lekcja 5

Temat: Appearance. WH-questions.

1. Warm up: vocabulary mixer
2. 2B vocabulary TBEFE opposites
3. video: Famous ppl: blaze 1 + questions
4. PPP Appearance and personality
5. WH- questions/question words: unit 3: blaze 1 grammar book
6. 3C communicative Famous people
Homework for Thursday:

  • Vocabulary/słowka do nauki: unit 2B, part 2
  • Workbook, str. 13 cała/all

Lekcja 4

Temat: This, that,these, those. Adjectives.

Zad.dom- karta pracy
S.B., p. 13, ex. 5 a, ex. 8
Communicative 2 a: Mistery objects, TBEFE
Communicative 2a: The same or different? TBEFB
PPP 2a –things
Communicative 2B Elementary TB – Can you name?
Homework for Tuesday:

  • Proszę nauczyć się słówek z unitu 2 a “A writer’s room” z memrise/skryptem;
  • Workbook (ćwiczenia), str. 11, ex./zad. 2a,b,c; str. 12, ex./zad. 4 (reading)

Lekcja 3

Temat: Open your books, please.

Blaze 1: unit 1.2 Spelling –alphabet, ex. 1, 2, 3,
Communicative: How do you spell it? TBEFB
Student’s Book, p. 8, ex. 1,
Grammar: possessive adjectives
blaze 1: grammar bank, unit: possesive adjectives
SB Communication, What’s his/her real name?
SB, Listening, audio 42
Homework for Tuesday:

  • Workbook, str./p. 8, zad./ex. 1 a,b,c
  • Karta Pracy- classroom language
  • Proszę pocwiczyc slownictwo ze skryptem/Memrise, 1c

Lekcja 2

Temat: Continents, countries and nationalities.

Sprawdzenie zadania domowego
Blaze 1:unit 1.5 – nationalities, languages, flags
NEF, SB., listening nr 17
Communication, 4c, p. 7, Where are they from?
Homework for Tuesday:

  • Workbook, str./p. 6 (cała)
  • Poćwiczyć słowka z Memrise lub/i skryptem z działu 1B All over the world.

Lekcja 1

Temat: My name’s Hannah, not Anna.

Warm up: 5 words
Listening & Speaking, S.B., p. 4, ex. 1 a, b, d
PPP Hello
Grammar: verb to be, subject pronouns
NEF 1 A communicative
Homework for Thursday:

  • Zadanie z kserówki Grammar “to be”;
  • Activity Book, str. 4,5;
  • Poćwiczyć słownictwo z Memrise/skryptem 1 A Elementary (37 words)

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